fantasy: Babylon 5 – Jha’dur

Babylon 5: Jha’dur

Jha’dur, also known as Deathwalker, was the leader of the Dilgar invasion, a war criminal and the last of her species. She had been a warlord and a brilliant scientist and she was also a brutal and ruthless sociopath.

When she invented the universal anti-agapic, a serum that retards the aging process and prevents disease, chose to come out of hiding and offer her discovery to the Earth Alliance in exchange for immunity. After arranging a meeting with EarthGov she traveled to Babylon 5  under the alias ‘Gyla Lobos’. However, when she was recognized by the Narn attaché Na’Toth (whose grandfather had been one Jha’dur’s victims) all hell broke loose.

The Narn government attempted to outbid EarthGov. Then League representatives led by Abbai Ambassador Kalika Qwal’Mizra demanded an assembly to discuss Jha’dur’s trial for crimes against sentient races.

Eventually a deal was reached and Jha’dur was shipped out from Babylon 5 but as she left her ship was destroyed by a Vorlon cruiser. Kosh, the Vorlon Ambassador, told the Council: ‘You are not ready for immortality.’

The makeup

The makeups for Babylon 5 were originally designed by John Vulich and Optic Nerve Studios; Everett Burrell was the makeup effects creator (seasons 1 & 2); Jeff Farley was the special makeup effects supervisor (season 5 & the TV movies); Mike Measimer was shop supervisor and also an on-set makeup artist.