fantasy: Babylon 5 – Lyssa

Babylon 5: Lyssa

Babylon 5 meets The X-Files.

In the Crusade episode ‘Visitors from Down the Street’ Excalibur takes aboard a pair of paranoid aliens, Durkani. and Lyssa (Françoise Robertson), who are convinced that humans have interfered with their planet for decades and that their government has conspired to hide the facts.

Things get stranger when one of their leaders shows up and reveals that his government is intentionally faking alien intervention to pacify a naturally rebellious population.

The makeup

John Vulich (Optic Nerve Studio) created the makeup effects; .Shaun Smith was the special makeup effects supervisor; Jerry Gergely was the key on-set special makeup effects artist; Gabriel Decunto was the on-set special makeup effects artist; John Wheaton was the conceptual designer & makeup effects artist; Hiroshi Katagiri was the makeup effects artist.

Jonathan Gording was the special effect contact lens consultant.