fantasy: Babylon 5 – M’ola

Babylon 5: M’ola

The Onteen were one of the many races to visit Babylon 5 but they did not have an Ambassador there.

In the episode ‘Believers’ M’ola (Tricia O’Neil) and her family traveled to Babylon 5 seeking a cure for their son when doctors on their own homeworld told them there was no hope of saving him. Dr Franklin explains that he can save him but it will involve a surgical operation which is forbidden according to their belief that surgery on their people releases the soul.

Dr Franklin tries to persuade them and hen he is unsuccessful, he asks Cmdr Sinclair for permission to operate against the parents’ wishes.

Sinclair eventually refuses to give his permission, but Franklin proceeds with the operation anyway. Believing that their son has lost his soul in the operation and is no more than an empty shell, the M’ola and her husband then took their son’s life in a ritual.

The makeup

The makeup effects were created by John Vulich and Optic Nerve Studios; Mike Measimer was the shop supervisor.