Farscape: Aeryn Sun – other transformations

Aeryn Sun – other transformations

‘John Quixote’ (season 4): The Farscape Encyclopedia Project summed up this episode: ‘How weird can things get when trapped in a game based on John Crichton's exploits? Very …’ When the game includes Aeryn Sun as a helpless blonde princess trapped in a fairytale tower I guess they’re right.

The makeup

Lesley Vanderwalt (season 1), Paul Pattison (season 2), Jennifer Lamphee (season 3), Annie Single (season 4) and Angela Conte (The Peacekeeper Wars) were hair and makeup supervisors for straight makeup: Dave Elsey was creative supervisor for special effects makeup.

Some of the makeups illustrated here were created by the makeup department while others were created by Dave Elsey’s team.