fantasy makeup: Farscape (Aeryn Sun)

Fantasy makeups: Farscape (Aeryn Sun)

As the female member of the crew who normally wore the least makeup it was probably only fair that it was Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) who most frequently got transformed: mutated by a mad scientist, prematurely aged, Scorpified, transformed into a fairytale princess, transformed into Chiana, replaced by a bioloid, and pregnant – twice.

Lesley Vanderwalt (season 1), Paul Pattison (season 2), Jennifer Lamphee (season 3), Annie Single (season 4) and Angela Conte (The Peacekeeper Wars) were the hair and makeup supervisors for straight makeup: Dave Elsey (now of Igor Studios) was the creative supervisor for special effects makeup. Some of the makeups illustrated here were created by the makeup department; others were initially created by Dave Elsey’s team but handed over to the makeup department; while others were designed and applied by Dave Elsey’s team.