Farscape: Chiana


As the storylines grew darker the arrival of the young, sexy, street-smart waif, thief and whore Chiana (Gigi Edgley) brought much-needed vivacity and humour to Farscape. Apparently, she was seen initially as a short-term recurring guest but she quickly established herself as an essential member of the crew.

In ‘Bringing Home The Beacon’ Chiana and Noranti had dramatic makeovers to avoid capture.

Chiana was blinded at the end of Season Four but her eyesight was surgically restored for The Peacekeeper Wars: hence the new contact lenses.

The makeup

Lesley Vanderwalt (season 1), Paul Pattison (season 2), Jennifer Lamphee (season 3), Annie Single (season 4) and Angela Conte (The Peacekeeper Wars) were hair and makeup supervisors for straight makeup: Dave Elsey was creative supervisor for special effects makeup. Chiana’s makeups wase created by the makeup department.

Chiana’s makeup is another amazing Farscape paintjob: the apparent differences in skintone between the images are the result of the differences in lighting to reflect the differing planetary environments encountered. My only quibble with her makeup is that as they had revealed that Nebari blood is blue during her first appearance they really should have stained her mouth and tongue to match.

In the original makeup tests for Chiana Gigi also wore a set of upper and lower dentures: I thought they added something to the character.