Farscape: ‘Bone To Be Wild’ – M’Lee

‘Bone To Be Wild’ – M’Lee

While fleeing Crais and Scorpius the crew of Moya answer a distress call to find the apparently harmless and helpless M’Lee (Francesca Buller) being pursued by a vicious attacker. But neither are quite as they seem.

M’Lee is a calcivore of an unidentified species who feeds on the bones of her prey. She has two distinct forms: passive and active. While passive she appears pale-coloured and harmless; she reinforces this image by acting innocent and naive while in this mode. But once she becomes hungry she moves into active killing mode. When she has eaten her prey she reverts to passive mode to search out her next target.

Her pursuer, Br’Nee, is himself no innocent but a botantist from another alien species which have been exploiting M’Lee’s people or hundreds of cycles. He meets his end when he tries to dissect Zhaan –Delvians are sentient plants.

The crew leave M’Lee munching on his bones and waiting to make friends with Crais and Scorpius.

Francesca Buller is the wife of Ben Browder (who played John Crichton) and guest starred as a different alien in each season of Farscape: M’Lee; Ro-NA; Raxil; and War Minister Ahkna, who appeared in four episodes and The Peacekeeper Wars.

The makeup

Lesley Vanderwalt was the hair and makeup supervisor for straight makeup: Dave Elsey was the creative supervisor for special effects makeup.