Farscape: Mele-on Grayza

Commandant Mele-On Grayza

The BBC website describes Commandant Mele-On Grayza (Rebecca Riggs) as ‘Servalan on steroids’: it’s an apt description (at least for those of us who can remember Blake’s 7). She is a Sebacean like Aeryn Sun but genetically modified: including the implanted Heppel gland in her breasts.

Grayza’s pregnancy in The Peacekeeper Wars was essential as Rebecca Riggs was herself heavily pregnant during filming.

The makeup

Jennifer Lamphee (season 3), Annie Single (season 4) and Angela Conte (The Peacekeeper Wars) were hair and makeup supervisors for straight makeup: Dave Elsey was the creative supervisor for special effects makeup.

Grayza looks like a straight-forward makeup but then you notice all the nice touches so typical of Farscape: the eyes, the eyebrows, the subtle paint job etc. There was a slight change in the makeup towards the end of the fouth season which Rebecca Riggs explained:

Jen Lamphee designed it [the makeup] but then went on maternity leave, and Anna [Single] took over. Anna, I adored, and we worked toward perfecting it [the makeup]. Then, she left, and ahem …