Farscape: ‘Losing Time’ & ‘Incubator’ – Linfer

‘Losing Time’ & ‘Incubator’ – Linfer

Linfer (Johanna Kerrigan) appeared in the episodes ‘Losing Time’ and ‘Incubator’. She was a Relgarian Peacekeeper scientist assigned to Scorpius’ wormhole project. She believed that she had solved the problem the Peacekeepers had been having with tissue liquefication in wormhole travel. She was so confident that she volunteered to fly the next test into the wormhole, in spite of the risks and over the objections of Co-Kura Strappa.

But she discovered that the tissue liquefaction process had not been overcome by her modifications, only delayed. Rather than endure the slow, agonizing death from her body slowly disintegrating, Linfer got Pilot’s permission to leave Moya in her stolen Prowler, bidding him farewell before she activates the fighter’s self-destruct mechanism.

The makeup

Jennifer Lamphee was the hair and makeup supervisor for straight makeup: Dave Elsey was the creative supervisor for special effects makeup.