Farscape: ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ – Lorana

‘Rhapsody in Blue’ –Lorana

The crew finds a colony of Delvians. Z’haan goes down to be with her own people for a while, but their leader, Pa’u Tahleen (Kate Raison) wants something from Z’haan and will do almost anything to take it from her.

At first Tahleen’s follower Lorana (Darlene Vogel) helps her; appearing to John as Alexandra, the lover he left behind on Earth.

The makeup

Lesley Vanderwalt was the hair and makeup supervisor for straight makeup: Dave Elsey was the creative supervisor for special effects makeup.

Another superb Farscape makeup: just look at the detailing of the airbrushing. I’m still not sure whether Delvians were conceived as bald and then a pragmatic decision was made for this episode (would any actress go bald for a single episode? how would bald-caps look alongside Zhaan?) or whether there was something special (penitential?) about Zhaan’s baldness.