Farscape: ‘Liars, Guns and Money’ – Natira

‘Liars, Guns and Money’ – Natira

In ‘Liars, Guns and Money’ Stark returns with a not-so-simple plan to steal some money to buy D’Argo’s son: ‘I love it when a plan comes together!’ The plan involves robbing a heavily guarded shadow depository (an alien bank for criminals) run by Natira (Claudia Karvan).

But Natira turns out to be Scorpius’s lover and it all gets a bit complex. Wayne Pygram (Scorpius) describes Natira:

She looks like a blue swimmer crab, encased in this shell. She’s a full-on creature. It’s a fabulous prosthetic and costume, all blue, not unlike the tones of Zhaan. She has crab claws on her forehead, which operate. She actually gouges people's eyes out with these crab claws. She’s a nasty bit of business, as well: she’s a merchant banker.

Shamethat Claudia Karvan found the prosthetic makeup experience ‘horrendous’ because Natira could have been one of the great recurring villains on Farscape: she was great and the makeup was superb.

The makeup

Paul Pattison was the hair and makeup supervisor for straight makeup: Dave Elsey was the creative supervisor for special effects makeup.

Claudia Karvan reportedly loved Farscape and would have been happy to return if she could play a Human or Sebacean: she had no intention of ever putting on that Natira suit ever again. She later said of working on Star Wars:

I think if they’d offered me a monster or something, I would have said no because I’ve had the experience of being in about three hours of prosthetics every morning, with teeth and eyeballs and big mechanized helmets and foam latex. Oh, God, it was horrendous.