fantasy: Farscape Varla

Farscape: Varla

In the episode ‘A Clockwork Nebari’ Varla (Skye Wansey), a member of the Nebari Establishment, comes looking for Chiana as a means of tracking down one of the leaders of the Nebari Resistance, Nerri, who is Chiana’s brother.

Enroute to Moya, Varla’s ship is attacked by a Peacekeeper patrol, killing the entire crew except for her and her subordinate Meelak, and leaving both of them wounded.

On Moya Varla incapacitates the crew one by one, keeping them under control using the mind cleanse and restraint collars.

However, Varla’s attempts to extract information from Chiana fail because Chiana believes her brother is dead.

Fortunately for the crew Meelak turns out to be a member of the Nebari Resistance who has infiltrated the Establishment and he shoots Varla before she can kill the crew.

The makeup

Paul Pattison was the hair and makeup supervisor for straight makeup: Dave Elsey (now of Igor Studios) was the creative supervisor for special effects makeup.