Farscape: Volmae

‘Thank God It’s Friday. …’ – Volmae

In the episode ‘Thank God It’s Friday. Again’ D’Argo stormed down to the sun-baked planet Sykar, where the population’s sole activity was harvesting Tannot roots. When he doesn’t return the others follow him and discover the tannot root was brought to Sykar by Peacekeepers, who forced them to cultivate it. Once the population ate it, they became enslaved by it, doing and believing whatever they were told. And now D’Argo wants to be one of them.

The Sykaran leader (apparently randomly chosen by the Peacekeepers) is Volmae (Angie Milliken).

The makeup

Lesley Vanderwalt was the hair and makeup supervisor for straight makeup: Dave Elsey was the creative supervisor for special effects makeup.

Volmae’s makeup is beautiful: I love that translucent effect with veining. But if she is a native Sykaran, why does she look so different from the rest of them: their skin tone and eye colour are completely different. One possible explanation I’ve seen is that Volmae was not chosen randomly but because she was the Sykaran equivalent of an albino who could not tolerate exposure to sunlight: hence she would have been useless for harvesting tannot. I kinda like the logic that political leaders become political leaders because they’re useless at doing anything that matters in society: it explains a lot (apart from why we vote for them).