updated: 06/12/2007

alien makeups: Coneheads

An alien couple, Beldar Conehead & Prymatt Conehead (Jane Curtin) from the planet Remulak is mistakingly ditched on earth. While waiting to be recalled to their home planet, they try to adapt to earth customs by living in middle-class suburbia and starting a family. Their daughter Connie (Michelle Burke) grows up to be a teenager who has difficulties fitting in with her peers or accepting the fact that at some point, she has to return ‘home’ with the rest of the family.

Something went seriously wrong between the old Saturday Night Live sketches of the Coneheads and the 1993 movie: as Roger Ebert pointed out if you turn a sketch into a movie it will take more than pointy heads to make it funny. The conehead makeup was about the only thing improved.

David B Miller designed and created the conehead makeup; Zoltan Elek & Steve La Porte were credited for prosthetic makeup; Michelle Bühler was credited as makeup artist. But this was by no means the complete makeup crew: on his website David Miller refers to a crew of approximately 60 people [who] spent the next several months creating over 900 Cone prosthetics, 200 latex Conehead masks, and several other effects for the film… An entire soundstage at Paramount’s back lot had to be set up to accommodate the makeup crew.