aliens: The Orville – Teleya

The Orville: Teleya

The Krill are an aggressive, reptilian species from a planet of the same name. Because their territory abuts the Planetary Union, they are the Union’s primary antagonists. In one battle the Orville destroyed the Krill Kakow.

In the episode ‘Krill’, Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy infiltrate the Yakar (disguised as a Krill) under the guise of surviving crewmembers of the Kakov. In the ship’s chapel they meet Teleya (Michaela McManus), a teacher whose brother was aboard the Kakow. After killing the entire adult crew, save for Teleya, Mercer and Malloy take the Yakar to rendezvous with the Orville and hand the Krill ship over to the Union. Aboard the Orville Mercer tells Teleya that the children will be returned to the Krill, while Teleya’s fate remains unknown. When Teleya then asks him why he spared the children, Mercer replies that the children are innocent and were not his enemies. Teleya replies that, after witnessing Mercer and Malloy kill the adults, the children will grow up to hate the Union, and Mercer in particular.

In the second season Teleya has escaped from Union custody and trained as a Krill spy, disguised in human form by trans-cellular micro-grafting. As Lieutenant Janel Tyler she joins the Orville’s crew and manages to entice Mercer into a Krill ambush in the episode ‘Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes’.

When the Krill destroyer holding him is attacked, Mercer escapes with Teleya and succeeds in contacting the Orville. On board the Orville Mercer allows Teleya to contact the Krill and hands her over to them, against the advice of his crew, telling her: ‘We can keep fighting each other or we can talk.’

The makeup

Tami Lane is the makeup department head.

Howard Berger (KNB EFX Group) is responsible for the special makeup effects.