updated: 21/01/2010

Star Trek makeups: ageing makeups

Featuring various actresses who have been seen at different ages in Star Trek movies or TV shows – either appearing at different time periods or through suffering premature ageing.

Star Trek (2009): Amanda Grayson (Winona Ryder) was a human teacher from Earth born around who met and later married Sarek, the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth. She returned to Vulcan with Sarek. Spock was their only child. In the alternative reality of the rebooted franchise Amanda died when Nero attacked Vulcan. Mindy Hall was the makeup department head; Debra Coleman was the assistant makeup department head; Barney Burman (Proteus FX) was the prosthetic makeup designer; Joel Harlow (HarlowFX) the prosthetic makeup supervisor who was responsible for the Vulcans, Romulans, and Klingons; Jamie Kelman (Fleshy Creatures) worked on Winona’s makeup.