Star Trek makeups: Lieutenant Talas

Star Trek: Enterprise: Lieutenant Talas

Lieutenant Talas (Molly Brink) was a female Andorian in the service of the Andorian Imperial Guard during the 2150s, follwing a family tradition of military service.

She was the tactical officer aboard the Imperial warship Kumari, commanded by Shran, until her death in 2154. In 2154, Talas began a romantic relationship with Shran. In the same year, the Kumari was destroyed by a Romulan vessel disguised as a Tellarite cruiser and Talas, Shran, and eighteen other crew members were rescued by Enterprise, which was coincidentally ferrying the Tellarite Ambassador Gral and his party to the planet Babel. Shran and Talas managed to trick her way out of confinement and, with Shran, confronted the Tellarites; in the ensuing scuffle she was mortally wounded.

As depicted in the episode ‘These Are the Voyages...’, Shran later had a daughter with the Aenar Jhamel, whom he named Talla – possibly after his former lover.

In Star Trek: Enterprise the Andoians were still blue but they also had neat animatronic antennae that actually moved.

The makeup

Michael Westmore was the makeup designer for Star Trek: Enterprise.