updated: 06/12/2005

Star Trek makeups: Leeta

Leeta (Chase Masterson) was a just another, albeit beautiful and smart, Bajoran Dabo girl working for Quark’s bar. But the character had more potential than that and her role developed. After a relationship with Dr Bashir, she developed a crush on Rom during the strike by Quark's employees in 2372. Their relationship followed a rocky path until he finally proposed and they wed on the eve of the Dominion invasion of 2373–74. With Rom’s elevation to Grand Nagus in 2375 Leeta effectively became the First Lady of Feringanor.

As with many Star Trek actors and actresses Chase masterson has been asked frequently about her makeup for the role:

Well it took a long time. People don’t realize. My makeup took three and a half hours with hair makeup and wardrobe. That was usually for the Dabo girl makeup. It was less after that, you know wife and mother makeup. It took a long time. Marina [Sirtis] always said that her makeup would take longer than Michael Dorn’s. I guess it’s that beauty thing that we have to go through. It takes a while. That’s how long it takes me usually every day (Just Kidding!!) It’s not a hassle. It’s fun and fine. Had I had to be in full prosthetics like Rom or Rene that would be difficult to do that for seven years. But more power to them. They acted and every emotion was apparent right through some prosthetic latex. Like I said it’s really admirable.