Star Trek makeups: Gul Ocett

TNG: Gul Ocett

In the Next Generation episode ‘The Chase’ Picard’s old archaeology professor is found murdered, the crew try to complete his research.

Following clues they arrivie at a star syste to find thenmselves confronted by Cardassian warships commanded by Gul Ocett (Linda Thorson) who is engaged on a similar mission. Soon the crew find themselves competing with Romulans, Klingons and Cardassians to solve a four-billion-year-old genetic puzzle for an unlimited power source.

To Gul Ocett’s surprise and disgust the puzzle reveals a message stating that all races were created from one being.

Gul Ocett was the first female Cardassian seen in the Star Trek universe.

The makeup

Michael Westmore was the makeup designer.