Star Trek makeups: Tora Ziyal

DS9: Tora Ziyal

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Tora Ziyal was the illegitimate daughter of the Cardassian Gul Dukat and the Bajoran Tora Naprem, conceived during the Occupation when Dukat was in command of Terok Nor. Her mother was killed by the Breen and Ziyal was captured; she was rescued by Kira Nerys and Dukat and eventually settled on Deep Space Nine. Aboard the station, Ziyal became drawn to Elim Garak, who was the only other Cardassian on the station. Garak was initially concerned that Ziyal might try to kill him, due to the enmity between him and Dukat, but the two eventually developed a relationship. During the Dominion War she was shot as a traitor by a Cardassian for helping Kira Nerys, Rom, Leeta, and Jake Sisko escape and stop the Cardassians destroying Deep Space Nine.

Tora Ziyal appeared in nine episodes of Deep Space Nine and was played by three different actresses. Cyia Batten (two episodes) and Tracy Middendorf (one episode) played her in season four and Melanie Smith played her in six episodes in seasons five and six. Ronald D Moore – one of the writers and producers of the show – stated in an AOL chat that Melanie Smith was ‘cast deliberately a little older because we didn’t feel that the other actresses were “reading” mature enough on screen to plausibly be involved in any way with Garak’.

The makeup

Michael Westmore was the makeup designer for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.