Star Trek makeups: Chancellor Azetbur

The Undiscovered Country: Azetbur

In Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country the Klingons suffer an ecological catastrophe which forces them to open peace talks with the Federation.

The talks between the Federation and the Klingons require Admiral James T Kirk’s special expertise. But not everybody wants peace and the treachery of a Vulcan crew member, Valeris, results in the death of the Klingon Chancellor. As a result Kirk is blamed and is sent to a prison planet.

Rosanna DeSoto played Azetbur, the new Klingon Chancellor.

The makeup

The makeup team for the movie was: Kenny Myers was the makeup department head; Michael Mills was the makeup supervisor; R Christopher Biggs, Ed French & Cat’ania McCoy-Howze were the special makeup effects artists; Gil Mosko, Michael Key, Brian McManus & Michael F Blake were the makeup artist s. Greg Cannom also worked on the movie and was responsible for special alien dog makeup.

I’m grateful to Ed French for clarifying the credits for the Azetbur makeup as follows:

Those Klingon and Vulcan women were makeups applied by Kenneth Myers and Michael Mills. I created and applied makeups for ‘The Brute Martia’, ‘The Fighter alien’ and a lot of the aliens in the prison …