fantasy: Star Trek – Dr Kurak

Star Trek: Dr Kurak

Dr Kurak (Tricia O’Neil) featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ‘Suspicions’.

Kurak was a warp field specialist from the Klingon homeworld. While she was a brilliant expert in the field of subspace morphology her efforts went unappreciated by the Klingons; as a result she developed a hostile and defensive attitude – even for a Klingon – when working with other scientists.

Kurak was present aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2369 (along with fellow scientists Jo’Bril, Christopher & T’Pan) to witness the testing of Dr. Reyga’s metaphasic shielding. When the experiment was sabotaged all the scientists came under suspicion.

Tricia O’Neil had previously appeared as Captain Rachel Garrett in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequently played the Cardassian Korinas in the Deep Space Nine episode ‘Defiant’.

The makeup

Michael Westmore was the makeup designer and supervisor for Star Trek: The Next Generation.