fantasy: Star Trek Beyond – Ensign Syl

Star Trek Beyond – Ensign Syl

The USS Enterprise was attacked and destroyed, leaving the crew stranded on an unknown planet with no apparent means of rescue. Moreover, they then found themselves in conflict with Krall, a ruthless enemy, determined to obtain the Abronath (a weapon which had been entrusted to Kirk).

Ensign Syl (Melissa Roxburgh) was an alien officer with multiple cranial appendages like crab’s legs that folded around the back of her head. Syl was assigned by Kirk to hide the Abronath, which she did by placing it within the clutch of her cranial appendages. When she was subsequently captured she surrendered it to save Sulu’s life. Later, Krall uused the Abronath to kill her as a demonstration of its power.

The makeup

Monica Huppert was the key makeup artist;

Joel Harlow was the SFX makeup designer; Richie Alonzo was the key makeup effects artist; Carlos Huante, Allen Williams & Neville Page were the creature designers.