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Star Trek: Insurrection

As the Dominion War ravages the Alpha Quadrant, an idyllic planet in the middle of an unstable region within Federation space serves as home to the peaceful Ba’ku – and a veritable fountain of youth. When the Son’a and the war-torn Federation plan to exploit the planet in order to rejuvenate themselves, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise-E must rebel against the Federation in order to save the Ba’ku and expose the atrocities that are about to take place.

Michael Westmore was the makeup designer.

Various alien characters

Pa’rena: Pa’rena (Claudette Nevins) was a Son’a officer who served aboard Ru'afo’s flagship. In the movie she is unnamed bit the Star Trek Customizable Card Game gives her name as Pa’rena. The Son’a were desperate in their efforts to prolong their lives by any possible means, including genetic manipulation and surgical techniques – including Brazil-like facial stretching.

Regent Cuzar: Cuzar (Peggy Miley) was the Regent of the Evora, a species which became a Federation protectorate in 2375. At the beginning of the movie she is seen attending a reception aboard the Enterprise in honour of the event. A couple of background Evora were seen in Deep Space Nine and Voyager but I think Cuzar was the only Evora character.