Star Trek makeups: the Denobulans

Star Trek: the Denobulans

The Denobulans are a bit of an enigma for fans of Star Trek: one of humanity’s earliest friends in space and founding members of the Federation, they then disappear from history – never to be seen or spoken of again.

Various explanations have been put forward but the reality is more prosaic: Enterprise, the prequel, was filmed last but still needed some new regular aliens.

Michael Westmore was the makeup designer for Star Trek: Enterprise.

The Denobulans

Enterprise: ‘Cold Station 12’: the Augments highjacked a Denobulan medical ship, and took control of the Cold station 12 to free other Augment embryos. Amy Wieczorek played the unnamed Denobulan pilot of the medical ship.

Enterprise: ‘The Breach’: Trevix (Laura Putney) was a Denobulan geologist studying the unique rock formations on Xantoras. When the Xantorans expelled all aliens, she and the other scientists were evacuated by the Enterprise.

Enterprise: ‘Stigma’: Freezal (Melinda Page Hamilton) was a Denobulan scientist; she was also the second of Dr. Phlox’s three wives. Freezal was seen in one episode where she attended an Interspecies Medical Exchange conference but she was also referred to as attending the the foundation of the Federation in the final episode of the series. Freezal was the first female Denobulan seen on Star Trek and Melinda Page Hamilton apparently endured a guest-star rite of passage as the makeup artists spent the first day of the seven-day shoot perfecting her Denobulan look.