Star Trek makeups: T’Pau

TOS & Enterprise: T’Pau

It was noted by B’Elanna Torres that T’Pau was a diplomat, a judge, and a philosopher, and that she was one of the most logical minds in Vulcan history. She was also, according to Kirk, the only person ever to turn down a seat in the Federation Council.

The young T’Pau (Kara Zediker) was seen in two episodes of the final season of Enterprise. An older version of T’Pau (Celia Lovsky) had earlier met (or would later meet) Kirk in the episode Amok Time of the original series where she was going to be master of ceremonies at Spock’s wedding.

The only images I have of Celia Lovsky without the Vulcan makeup date from before her marriage to Peter Lorre – some forty years before Star Trek – so if anyone has any later images, please email themakeupgallery.

The makeup

John Chambers was responsible for the makeup for the original series and Michael Westmore was the makeup designer for Star Trek: Enterprise.