Star Trek makeups: Lieutenant Valeris

Star Trek VI: Lieutenant Valeris

A treacherous Vulcan: now there’s a blow against Star Trek’s racial (or is it species) stereotyping.

In early drafts of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, the character of Saavik, introduced in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, was the Enterprise crew-member who conspired to disrupt the peace initiative. But after some discussion and casting problems Nicholas Meyer decided to create a new Vulcan character, Valeris, to be the traitor: Valeris was portrayed by Kim Cattrall, who apparently had been Meyer’s first choice to play Saavik in The Wrath of Khan.

The makeup

The makeup team for the movie was: Kenny Myers, makeup department head; R Christopher Biggs, special makeup effects artist; Ed French, special makeup effects artist; Cat’ania McCoy-Howze, special makeup effects artist; Gil Mosko, makeup artist; Michael Key, makeup artist; Brian McManus, makeup artist; Michael F Blake, makeup artist (uncredited). Greg Cannom also worked on the movie and was responsible for special alien dog makeup.

I’m grateful to Ed French for clarifying the credits for the Valeris makeup as follows:

Those Klingon and Vulcan women were makeups applied by Kenneth Myers and Michael Mills. I created and applied makeups for ‘The Brute Martia’, ‘The Fighter alien’ and a lot of the aliens in the prison …

Kim Cattrall claimed some of the credit for her look in in the movie:

I came into Nick [Meyer] after everything was settled and said I want to have traces of Leonard [Nimoy], so I dyed my hair black and had it done very sort of 1960s, and shaved my sideburns. I felt my ears would look much stronger because I have a very feminine face and I wanted to look very strong because I was a warrior.