Doctor Who: Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

Besides the aliens and monsters time travel also provides the opportunity to weave meetings with historical characters into the storyline, including recently: Queen Victoria, Madame de Pompadour, and Agatha Christie.

But among these historical characters Queen Elizabeth I has the distinction of appearing three times.

The appearances

The Day of the Doctor (2013): In the fiftieth anniversary special Elizabeth I (Joanna Page) is not only unaware that the Doctor will become her ‘sworn enemy’ but refers to him as ‘my dearest love’ and marries him – after disposing of her Zygon duplicate. Coming soon…

The Shakespeare Code (2007): At the end of the episode, when the Carrionites have been defeated, an angry Queen Elizabeth I (Angela Pleasence) arrives at the Globe looking for the Doctor her ‘sworn enemy’ – someone else he’s upset on his travels. Barbara Southcott was the makeup designer.

The Chase (1965): This was a six episode story arc in the second series of Doctor Who where the Doctor and his companions were fleeing from the Daleks.Along the way Barbara used the Time-Space Visualiser look into the court of Elizabeth I (Vivienne Bennett). The final episode also marked the departure of the original companions (Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright). Coming soon…