Doctor Who: K·9 ‘Lost Library of Ukko’

K·9: ‘Lost Library of Ukko’

K·9 is a spin-off television series featuring the robotic dog K9; the first season was screened in 2010 and a second season is ‘in development’. It is the only Doctor Who spin-off not produced by the BBC.

Although made in Australia the setting is a London ruled by a totalitarian regime in 2050.

Starkey finds a strange ‘library card’ and ends up trapped on the barren planet Urlic. K9 realises that this is an endangered world which has been preserved on the card as infinitely compressed hologram by the Ukkans, an all-women race of Librarians.

Fortunately, Yssaringintinka (Cathey Robinsen), a Ukkan librarian, comes to their aid. Yssaringintinka had the attitudes of a typical librarian: she didn’t take stolen data cards lightly, and she was more concerned about Urlic than Starkey, fearing that he might contaminate the planet.

The makeup

Sharon Robbins was the makeup designer.