Doctor Who: ‘The End of Time’

Doctor Who: ‘The End of Time’

In the episode ‘The End of Time’ a Vinvocci salvage team, consisting of Rossiter and Addams (Sinead Keenan), arrived on Earth to find the Immortality Gate which had been reactivated. The Vinvocci were green, spiky humanoids – offensive to be referred to as cacti – but they used ‘shimmers’ to appear human and thus allow them to work undetected.

When the Master used the Gate to transform every human on Earth into duplicates of himself the Vinvocci were unaffected and helped the Doctor to escape.

The makeup

Barbara Southcott was the makeup designer; Pam Mullins was the makeup supervisor; Neill Gorton’s MillenniumFX was responsible for the prosthetics and special makeup design. Sinead Keenan’s makeup was applied by Sarah Lockwood & Fiona Walsh.

In the original makeup design the Vinvocci were not completely green – as seen in the bottom image. It was only after principal photography had finished that Russell T Davies decided to have them digitally recoloured.