aliens: The Sarah Jane Adventures – Eve

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Eve

In this two-part episode ‘The Mad Woman in the Attic’ of The Sarah Jane Adventures a young boy encounters a mad old woman, the elderly Rani Chandra, in the derelict attic of 13 Bannerman Road in 2059. She tells him the story of the day she met the alien Eve (Eleanor Tomlinson), and her life went wrong.

The red-skinned Eve was just a lonely child, but with the power to allow people to see their past and future and manipulate timelines. Her people had been destroyed – possibly in the Last Great Time War – but Eve’s parents placed her in a space ship that crashed on Earth, where she has been living hidden in a funfair.

Eve is thrilled to see the outside world, but soon her need to ‘play with’ people causes havoc. Worse, she is too young to control her powers and is also dying.

The makeup

Neill Gorton’s MillenniumFX was responsible for the prosthetics and special makeup design.