updated: 06/12/2004

animal makeups: Marquis

Well this was certainly a different take on the Marquis de Sade. The Washington Post review called it a fascinatingly bizarre evocation of the sexual and intellectual passions of a certain M. de Sade, set during his imprisonment in the Bastille on the eve of the French Revolution and acted out by men and women masked as beasts but burdened with the most human of passions. Another reviewer described it as the Muppets, but done by someone on drugs, with a truly warped sense of humour. Whatever. It was certainly a lot more entertaining than Quills: I mean it takes real skill to make de Sade boring as they did in Quills (obnoxious, daft, perverted, brilliant, mad whatever – but boring!).

Bien de Moor and Gabrielle Van Damme were under the masks as Justine, the unjustedly imprisoned heifer, and Juliette, the whip-wielding mare. Justine was voiced by Isabelle Canet-Wolfe and Juliette by Nathalie Juvet.

Jacques Gastineau was responsible for the exceptional masks.