updated: 06/12/2004

animal makeups: Tromeo And Juliet

A unique take on Romeo and Julietwith all the usual Troma touches and a Juliet (Jane Jensen) who transforms into a cow (and a cow with an unusual appendage at that).

On the day of her wedding, Juliet swallows the apothecary's potion, transforming her into a hideous cow monster, complete with a three-foot penis. The mere sight of her causes Arbuckle to leap out of Juliet's window in fright, committing suicide. Enraged over the loss of his would-be son-in-law and meat inheritance, Cappy attempts to rape and murder Juliet, but Tromeo arrives just in time, knocking Cappy unconscious and bringing Juliet's appearance back to normal by a single kiss. Cappy awakens, taking both lovers captive by crossbow-point. While distracted, Juliet performs one last act of defiance against her father and electrocutes him.

Jane Jensen was interviewed about her experience:

Grueling yes – because the work was hard. The monster make-up, dealing with rats and meile worms… If I remember correctly – [the cow-monster makeup took] five hours to get on and three to get off. It was terrible and Will Keenan wouldn’t sit by me during lunch break because he thought I was too ugly.

Callie French was the makeup supervisor.