apewomen: Heidi Klum (2011)

Heidi Klum: Halloween 2011 – the monkey

Heidi Klum has been called ‘the queen of Halloween': for a decade, with her incredible costumes and her annual party, the supermodel has made the holiday her own. Each year she seems to attempt to surpass the previous year’s outfit – though my favourite is her transformer from 2010.

In 2011 Heidi Klum excelled herself with two stunning halloween looks – a skinless corpse & a monkey. Not surprisingly, some three months of planning went into the creations.

The monkey featured prosthetic breasts, fake fur, false teeth and prosthetic makeup. Not surprising she commented: ‘Getting dressed was not the problem, it was the makeup. The makeup took almost six hours!’ Apparently it was the fabric that first attracted her to the look: ‘I saw it, loved it and I was like, “Wow. I want to be a monkey. That would be so much fun!”’

The makeup

Heidi Klum described the makeup:

For my total transformation to a monkey for my annual NYC Halloween party Monday night, makeup artists Michael Fontaine, Dave Presto and Mike Marino created Academy Award-winning makeup artist Bill Corso’s vision by using a silicone life cast and clay to create my ape-inspired face.
To create the look, I put on a bald cap and then had my skin prepped with DermaShield and zinc oxide. Next, the team glued down silicone prosthetics with Telesis (a silicone adhesive) before blending out the edges with a technique called ‘flashing’. To complete the look, my makeup artists airbrushed my face, neck and ears with Badger acrylics, then applied hair all over using Pros-Aide glue. Can you even tell it was me underneath?