updated: 01/12/2007

ape makeups: Play-Mate of the Apes

Don’t even think of watching this movie: Dr Cornholeous (Debbie Rochon) is a far cry from Dr Zira and the humans never behaved like that in Planet of the Apes (well not in public anyway).

I’m no great fan of Tim Burton’s remake or of the design compromises in the look of his female apes but if this movie does anything worthwhile it is to remind you of the sheer quality of the work of Rick Baker and his crew: not that I mean to imply that the makeups can be compared in any way beyond the word ape. Mostly you get what you pay for but I don’t think that either plot or production values were even on this filmmakers wish list; if you look at the closeup of Dr Cornholeous you can see that not only does the appliance have no teeth but that Debbie’s own teeth are not blacked out and are clearly visible.

Christine Domaniecki & Michael R Thomas (Make-up artists at Large) were credited as special makeup effects artists.