Planet of the Apes makeups: Carsia

Planet of the Apes movies: Carisa

In the TV series episode ‘Up Above The World So High’ a human invents a primitive hang-glider. A female scientist, Carsia (Joanna Barnes), wants to have the glider examined rather then destroyed, insisting there is references to apes having flown in the past. She and Galen grow close – until he discovers that she has invented fragmentation bombs and is planning to use ther glider to launch a bloody coup.

As far as I’m aware, Carsia was the only blue-eyed ape to appear in any of the Planet of the Apes movies or TV episodes – although Lisa was seen with blue-eyes in a few shots where Natalie Trundy was not wearing her contact lenses.

The makeup

Dan Striepeke was the credited makeup artist.