Planet of the Apes makeups: Wanda

Planet of the Apes movies: Wanda

In the episode ‘The Interrogation’ Pete is captured and taken to Central City where Urko meets with Zaius, who has a special experiment planned to get information from him with the aid of Wanda (Beverly Garland), a chimpanzee scientist who has discovered a twentieth-century time capsule containg a book on how to brainwash humans. Urko isn't happy – preferring to simply kill the astronaut).

Alan and Galen follow and try to rescue Pete with help from Galen’s mother, Ann.

Beverly Garland said of Wanda:

I felt Wanda was a very aggressive ape. She was well educated and regarded humans as inferior. She did not feel humans took her seriously and that upset her to the point she thought, ‘Just who did they think they are?’

The makeup

Dan Striepeke was the credited makeup artist.

Beverly Garland spoke about the makeup and other preparations for the role:

Several days before shooting we were called to Fox and segments from earlier scenes showing how apes walk were screened to us. After some instructions we all had to get up and have our ‘ape walk’ graded and we were not excused until we were all perfect.

Then we went to makeup for measurements for all the rubber prostheses for the whole face - forehead, cheek bones, mouth – as well as feet and hands.

When we finally started shooting we had an unusually early – 4 am – call for makeup. Once we were all in makeup we could not eat. Our real mouth was two inches away from our ‘ape’ mouth - so all we could do was drink via a straw. It was a good way to diet !