updated: 04/03/2009

cat makeups: various felines

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007): Alex McDonough (Jessica Biel) is Chuck and Larry’s lawyer and later Chuck’s lover in this ‘comedy’. Ann Pala was makeup department head.

Dark Angel (2001): In the episode ‘Boo’, on Halloween night the creatures Max let out of Manticore are able to walk the streets freely without fear of exposure: among them is Katarina (Sarah Carter). I am grateful to Bill Terezakis (special makeup effects artist) for the image of Katarina.

Phoenix 2 (aka Droid Gunner) (1995): Some kindly soul has summarised this Fred Olen Ray movie at the IMDb as ‘Blade Runner on a budget’: if only. Brinke Stevens cameos as Kitten. Heidi Grotsky was makeup supervisor; Pam Phillips was makeup artist/hair stylist.