cat makeups: Monkeybone


Stu Miley is a cartoonist who created a comic strip called Monkeybone which features a rascally monkey as the titular character. After an accident he falls into a coma and finds himself trapped within his own creation – the surreal Dark Town.

He needs help from Kitty (Rose McGowan), a nicely whiskered, slightly-feline waitress, if he is going to get back to the real world before his sister turns off the life-support system or Monkeybone takes over his body.

The makeup

Greg Cannom was the Special Makeup Effects Consultant; Michael Mills & Ben Nye Jnr were the key makeup artists.

I’m grateful to Craig Reardon for clarifying who did what on Kitty’s makeup:

Greg Cannom’s studio made the almost-human/not-quite-cat nose. It was made of gelatin. I [Craig Reardon] applied it to her every day she worked. I painted it – just the nose! – then I had to do a hand-off to a makeup artist named Heidi Seeholzer, who did everything else…

The weird and wonderful workings of the movie industry, & a great example of how difficult it is to get the credits right (even before you get into who in Greg Cannom’s shop designed, sculpted and made the prosthetic).