updated: 28/11/2008

DC Universe: Smallville ‘Fanatic’

In the episode ‘Fanatic’, Lex Luther tells a group of students that to secure the election they must go an extra ten more miles than usual, and that total victory is the only acceptable outcome. One of them, Samantha (Annie Burgstede), impresses Lex with her encyclopedic knowledge of him. She tries to emulate – and seduce him – by becoming bald just like him, and to ensure victory by assassinating the rival candidate. Her efforts are not appreciated as she expects.

Annie Burgstede shaved her head on-screen for the role and said: ‘it’s been an incredible experience doing life without it [her hair] ’. In her case the sacrifice seemed to have no payoff; in the short-term the only role that came her way was as a bald corpse on CSI (‘they were looking for a bald-headed girl, or a short-haired girl to be on CSI, so I fit the role’) but she later found a berth – with hair extensions – on Days of Our Lives.

Natalie Cosco is the makeup department head on the show.