elves & fairies: Knights of Bloodsteel

Knights of Bloodsteel

In the faraway land of Mirabilis, the warlord Dragon-Eye has unleashed his terrifying forces to hunt down the source of all power, a legendary Crucible. With freedom hanging in the balance, a motley band of knights, including the warrior-elf Perfidia (Natassia Malthe), embarks on a dangerous mission to fight against the dreaded assassins, dragons and soldiers of Dragon-Eye and rescue their world from the clutches of evil once and for all.

The makeup

Todd Masters and MastersFX were responsible for the prosthetic makeup effects. Debi Lelievre was the key makeup artist.

Natassia Malthe spoke about the difficulty of working with prosthetic teeth:

The other big challenge with this character, at least initially, were the [prosthetic] teeth and practicing the dialogue as well as speaking in front of the camera with two big, clunky teeth in my mouth. Hopefully I’m not lisping in any of the scenes we’ve already filmed. At first the teeth were longer at the back and had greater support, which allowed them to be smaller and more refined. But it was impossible for me to talk while wearing them. So now I have a brand new prosthetic that grasps my own teeth at the front. They’re a bit bigger than the first set, but much easier to work with.”