elves & fairies: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Professor Bruttenholm tells the young Hellboy a legend about a war between the humans and the people of the mystical realm. King Balor, leader of the magic elfin race, commissioned the creation of a ‘Golden Army’ of magical mechanical soldiers. The Golden Army attacked humans with no mercy, and eventually Balor became consumed by regret and a truce was called between the warring factors. As a peace offering Balor shattered the crown through which he controlled the army and gave one piece to the humans, leaving the Golden Army dormant.

One of the few who did not agree with the truce was Balor’s son, Prince Nuada. The Prince went into exile, vowing to return when his people needed him.

In the present Prince Nuada returns to try to convince Balor to end the truce arguing that humans are insatiably greedy and will soon force the mystical creatures into extinction. But Balor supported by Princess Nuala (Anna Walton), Nuada’s twin sister, is content to let the truce continue.

Eventually Nuada gains control of the crown and locates the Army but Nuala sacrifices herself to stop him.

The makeup

Mike Elizalde (Spectral Motion) was makeup designer but a number of other FX shops – including DDT Efectos Especiales (Young Hellboy), Euroart Studios, Solution Studios, Filmefex, & Creature Effects – also worked on the movie and I don’t know who was responsible for this makeup.

Nuala’s makeup is a lot lighter than her brother’s but I thought it worked beautifullly. Anna Walton was pleased too:

I had about ten makeup tests to get the look right … Luke ended up have quite more with a prosthetic on his face on. Initially, I was going to have one as well, and I am so glad I don’t have it. It is horrible, having something stuck on your face every morning, which is what he has and what Doug what Ron have obviously. I am quite pleased because applying it is a little bit tedious and quite painful as well. Now it is just a white painted face, and very long white hair, and quite extraordinary quintalices. We are very similar Luke and I, but he is more ragged-looking and I look pure and elegant, hopefully.