elves & fairies: Rölli ja Metsänhenki

Rölli ja Metsänhenki

Rölli’s tribe of goblins comes ashore on a land inhabited by wood sprites. The wood sprites initially run away in fear but then a war starts. But one sprite, Milli Menninkäinen (Maria Järvenhelmi), befriends Rölli and the pair try to stop the war.

Rölli first appeared in a TV series in the mid-1980s and Rölli – hirmuisia kertomuksia in 1991. Since Rölli ja Metsänhenki (2001) there has been an animated movie and recently Rölli ja kultainen avain. The various movies all feature Rölli but there is little other continuity between them.

The makeup

The makeup was designed by Kaija Ilomäki and applied by her and quite a few of her assistants – for Finland the scale of the work was extremely challenging.