elves & fairies: Voyage of the Unicorn

Voyage of the Unicorn

A grieving professor and his two daughters unwillingly journey into a parallel universe with a fairy court, marauding trolls, and a prophecy that they will save this nether world. Ocean Hellman featured as Titana, the fairy queen, in this mini-series.

And I thought Xena was eclectic – but Titania and the Gorgon! At least Xena did it with panache.

There is a separate page with various actresses portraying the ‘real’ Titania.

The makeup

Lance Webb was the makeup effects designer; Felix Fox was the character sculptor and applicator; Shane Zander, Vincent Yoshida, Patrick Baxter & JP Mass were responsible for prosthetic construction & application; Jason Palmer, Wade Daily, Lisa Waddell & Dan Sheehan were the the makeup effects artists; Pearl Louie was the key makeup artist.

The mini-series was nominated for an Emmy Award for makeup. Those nominated were: Pearl Louie, Key Makeup Artist; Toby Lindala, Special Makeup Effects HOD; Lance Webb, Makeup Effects Designer; Felix Fox, Character Sculptor and Applicator; Shane Zander, Prosthetic Artist; Vincent Yoshida, Prosthetic Artist; Patrick Baxter, Prosthetic Artist; JP Mass, Prosthetic Artist; Jason Palmer, Makeup Effects Artist; Wade Daily, Makeup Effects Artist; Dan Sheehan, Makeup Effects Artist.