hominids: Cavemen

Cavemen: Heather & Rocky

In the episode ‘The Cavewoman’ Nick discovers that there is a hot cavewoman, Heather (Kim Director), working at the counter of the new Fruitberry Frozen yogurt-shop. Nick ends up hitting on Heather and taking her back to the apartment. I understand that she would have appeared in two further episodes but the show was canned before they aired. I had assumed from the premise of Cavemen that there would be an absence of cavewomen from the show, so Heather (Kim Director) was a pleasant surprise.

Kelly Stables would have appeared as Rocky the Cave Kid in another episode that never reached the screen.

I live in – faint – hope that the rumours of a DVD release may eventually prove to be true.

Michele Tyminski was makeup department head; Tony Gardner was makeup effects supervisor; Corinna Liebel, Richard Redlefsen, & Ozzy Alvarez were special makeup effects artists on various episodes; Dave Snyder was prosthetic makeup artist on some episodes.

The makeup

Tony Gardner (Alterian Inc) was the special makeup designer for the series.

I’m grateful to makeup artist Corinna Liebel for the image of Kim as Heather. Corinna described the makeup as an interesting and rare instance where a combination of prosthetic and beauty makeup was required.

I am grateful to Richard Redlefsen for the image of Kelly in his makeup as Rocky.

On The Wrath of Kahn (1982) Werner Keppler & James Lee McCoy were credited as makeup artists.