fantasy makeups: Merlin

The Dochraid
The Cailleach
Morguase: scarred

Fantasy makeups: Merlin

Merlin tells the story of the legendary wizard as a young man at the court of Camelot. The TV show ran for five seasons, during which time Merlin encountered trolls, pixies, fairies, and various witches – some in disguise.

The makeup credits incude: Carol Tucker (seasons 1–3), Kate Roberts (season 4), Sian Turner (season 4), Jody Williams (season 5) were the hair & makeup designers; Victoria Bancroft (seasons 1–3), Carolyn Cousins (season 2) & Sue Westwood (season 3) were the makeup supervisors; Mark Coulier (seasons 1–5) & Shaune Harrison (seasons 1–2) were the prosthetics makeup designers.