fantasy: Merlin various characters

Merlin various characters

Merlin tells the story of the legendary wizard as a young man at the court of Camelot. The TV show ran for five seasons, during which time Merlin encountered trolls, pixies, fairies, and various witches – some in disguise.

The makeup credits incude: Carol Tucker (seasons 1–3), Kate Roberts (season 4), Sian Turner (season 4), Jody Williams (season 5) were the hair & makeup designers; Victoria Bancroft (seasons 1–3), Carolyn Cousins (season 2) & Sue Westwood (season 3) were the makeup supervisors; Mark Coulier (seasons 1–5) & Shaune Harrison (seasons 1–2) were the prosthetics makeup designers.

The characters

Queen Mab (season 5): In the episode ‘The Dark Tower’ Queen Mab (Kelly Wenham) is the forest spirit of the Impenetrable forest which leads to the Dark Tower. She helped Merlin find the way to the Dark Tower, speaking first in riddles and then in rhyme.

The Cailleach (season 4): In the episode ‘The Darkest Hour’ the Cailleach (Gemma Jones) is the gatekeeper to the spirit world and appears when Morgana tears the mystical veil between the worlds releasing the Dorocha. Only the death of Lancelot allows the rift to close.

Princess Elena (season 3): In the episode ‘The Changeling’ Uther arranges a marriage between a reluctant Arthur and Princess Elena (Georgia King). But with the help of her pixie nanny, Grunhilda, Elena is being possessed by the Sidhe.

Nimueh (season 1): Nimueh (Michelle Ryan) was a High Priestess of the Old Religion who appeared in four episodes. Uther blamed her for the death of Ygraine and in response began his purge of followers of the Old Religion; she, in turn, vowed to revenge the deaths of her co-religionists. She was killed by Merlin on the Isle of the Blessed.