mutants: Captive Wild Woman

Captive Wild Woman & Jungle Woman

A mad scientist is conducting experiments arranges to have a very intelligent female gorilla kidnapped from the local circus and brought to his lab. Using the glands of a patient and the brain of his faithful nurse, he performs transplant surgery on the intelligent simian. When the ape morphs into exotic and sexy Paula Dupree, the experiment seems to be s success. She even finds a place for herself at her old circus assisting lion tamer Fred Mason.

Unfortunately when aroused by desire and jealousy over the affections of Mason, her delicate metabolism breaks down, and she regresses to her ape form.

Acquanetta returned to the role the following year in Jungle Woman. Vicky Lane played Paula in the third movie, Jungle Captive.

Although accounts vary, it seems likely that Acquanetta was born Burnu Acquanetta in Wyoming to an Arapaho Indian mother and a French-English-Cherokee Indian father. She was either orphaned or given up for adoption and was raised as Mildred Davenport in Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York to become a model; there she either gave herself, or was given, an exotic background using part of her birth-name and a fabricated a south-of-the-border biography: so Mildred Davenport became the ‘Venezualan Volcano’.

The makeup

Jack Pierce did the makeup and used a lot of yak hair.