updated: 23/09/2008

mutants: various movies

Tefal ‘eggheads’: If, like me, you remember those old Tefal adverts with the egghead scientists, you’ll be looking forward to their revival – even if Kelly Brook as a super-intelligent scientist is not an obvious casting choice. If anyone can tell me who was responsible for the makeup, please email themakeupgallery.

Avatar: In a near future Asian city-state, everyone’s identity is recorded in the vast CyberLink; the only way around this is using illegal simulated identity implants (sims). Lydia Look features briefly as a young raver with implants. Paul Katte & Nick Nicolaou of the Make-up Effects Group were special makeup effects supervisors; Suzie Warhurst-Steele was hair/makeup supervisor.

The Chronicle: in the episode ‘Pig Boy’s Big Adventure’ a ‘savage simian’, called Monica (Lizette Carrion), takes refuge under a child’s bed, Pig Boy learns that he like Monica is a ‘manimal’ – the product of a mad scientists experiments. The ‘savage simian’ was designed by SBFX and the makeup was applied by Michael Del Rossa, Bryan Smith & Dan Uebel.