mutants: Total Recall

Total Recall

Total Recall was a disappointment that displayed few of the qualities of Phillip K Dick’s novel – but it did have some neat mutants. Douglas Quaid meets a mutant fortune teller (Monica Steuer) and her daughter (Sasha Rionda) on the mean streets of Mars and in a Martian bar he meets Mary (Lycia Naff) who is very keen to display her special assets. Shortly, after this movie Lycia Naff left acting for journalism but has recently featured in a couple of TV roles; the now-adult Sasha Rionda is hosting Spanish-language TV and radio shows.

I do not usually include images of juveniles on themakeupgallery but I have made an exception for Sasha Rionda because not only was this twenty years ago but she also displays images of herself in this role on her official website.

The makeup

Rob Bottin was responsible for special makeup effects design and creation; Vince Prentice and Margaret Prentice were responsible for Lycia Naff and Sasha Rionda’s makeup. Henry Alvarez was sculptural designer for Rob Bottin Productions and his Alvarez Wax Productions website has a number of images from his work on this and other movies.

I’m grateful to Vince Prentice for clarifying the credits for this makeup as follows:

In fact my wife Margaret and I applied the prosthetic appliance, facial makeup, and did the hairwork for ‘The Three Breasted Mutant’ and worked the same applying the makeup and hair for the ‘Daughter Mutant’ (the little girl who’s mother was the mutant fortune teller). We both have worked very closely with Rob since the 1970s and were a part of Rob Bottin’s crew that worked at his shop to produce the makeup prosthetics/effects for the film. We both also did other appliance makeups, and worked on the makeup effects and puppets produced by Rob for ‘Total Recall’, and both of us worked in Mexico City during principal photography and later back home on inserts.